Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Club Penguin Club House Shop

Welcome to the Club Penguin Club House's first shop ever! Right click on the pictures and open them in a new window or tab and then print them out to buy!

Books, Blog Stuff, Bookmarks, and MOVIES!
Make a bookmark 
Description: With coloring supplies you can make your penguin look cool on this book mark, make your own Club Penguin items on this bookmark.
© The Club Penguin Club House
3-D  Penguin: Reading a book
Description: You own 3-D bookmark! I forgot to write supplies and instructions, here they are below:
You need:
This book mark image
Scissors (not included
Markers, colored pencil, or crayons (not included)
Some hard thing that you can fold without breaking (not included)
Tape (not included

1. Cut the penguin and the book out
2. Color in the penguin
3. Color the book
4. Fold the book to make it look like a fake realistic book
5. Cut the hard surface the same size as the book
6. Fold the cardboard in the same area as you did with the cover (a little hard)
7. Tape the book cover to the hard item you are working with
8. Fold the flippers and make then stick up (do this slowly)
9. Tape the flippers to the book
10. You're done!
© The Club Penguin Club House

Coloring Pages

Kingdom Igloo
Description: Color this in to make this igloo look like new!
© Club Penguin 

Camp out!
Description: You get to color in penguins camping out!
© Club Penguin

Aqua Grabber 
Description: You are coloring a penguin playing a game!
© Club Penguin
Unknown Club Penguin Coloring 
Description: None
© Club Penguin?
Description: A penguin fishing
© Club Penguin
Penguin looking out to sea
Description: A penguin who is about to surf
© Club Penguin

More Items for sale and categories coming soon!

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  1. The newest Coloring page is a dinosaur themed picture.:P