Monday, January 25, 2010

Comparing Fantage with Club Penguin

Become your pet in Fantage

Club Penguin:
  • Walking Pets
  • Feeding Pets
  • Username rules (like not being allowed to have a name like this after beta testing, i aM a mAgiC G and having name to start with a capital, but having a name like this, I Am A Magic G)
  • Mostly Puffles and Penguins
  • Setting is Antarctica
  • Spy Phones
  • Tour Guides
  • Only one type of pet, but in different colors
  • Coins are Coins
  • At least one party a month
  • Made in October 2005
  • Newspaper
  • Houses are Igloos
  • Become your pet
  • Setting is Japan
  • Mostly Japanese Humans
  • Floating Boards for your character to ride on
  • More than 1 type of pets, not in different colors
  • Pet Arena (were you can collect stars and turn into different versions of the pet, like shrinking, growing, turning invisible, etc.)
  • Coins are Stars
  • Parties only on holidays
  • Made in November 2008
  • Vote on comics (and something else, I forgot)
  • Magazines
  • Photo Booths
  • Carnival Spot
  • Houses are Houses
  • More ways to chat
  • Different Username Rules (names like this, i aM a mAgiC G are not allowed, names like these, i am a magic g and I Am A Magic G are allowed)

  • Secret Agent Missions
  • Games
  • Catalogs (to shop from)
  • Stores
  • Online Games
  • Houses
  • Coins

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  1. Interesting. I think I will try Fantage out.

  2. I find Fantage wayyyy better because you can actually buy items (not all) without having to pay for membership. I also just find it more fun.

  3. Fantage is a lot better. But about houses, what do you mean houses are houses? Members can have a candy home, a 2D drawing home, crab robot home, cloud, and many more. I agree about the fact that you can actually buy something. They gave out 1 week memberships more often now, to everybody. You can sell items, too, at MyMall and (there used to be) Trade n' Sell. There are also user-inspired clothing/outfits, where you can design outfits. If you are the winner, you can get your outfit that you designed for free! Fantage is great. Fantage Spy is a great blog for guides, as well as Fantage Ville. Check it out!